World`s First Vertical Embroidery Machine

VEM 1-150

User Interface 15.1 inch Color touch Screen with USB Drive
Design File Format .SAS, .DAT
Main Shaft Control A C Servo Motor
Frame Motion Control X, Y1, Y2 Axis AC Servo Motors.
Borer Control A C Servo Motor.
Fabric Feeding Roll Form ( up to 150 Mtrs x One Frame)
Fabric Width 120 inches to 150 inches.
Automatic Thread Feeding A C Servo Motor.
Operating Voltage 220V; 3 Phase.
Rated Power 3.2 Kw
Maximum Speed (rpm) 400 RPM
Horizontal Frame Movement 500 mm
Vertical Frame Movement Continues…
Minimum Stitch Length 0.16 mm ( X and Y )
Maximum Stitch Length 16.5mm ( X and Y )
Maximum Borer Depth 20 mm
Shuttle Size #10 ( Left Hand Side)
Number of Needles 143 Nos
Machine Length 6260 mm
Machine Width 1420 mm
Machine Height 2360 mm
Machine Weight 5.2 Ton
Frame Single Width
Repeat as schiffli 4/4, 8/4, 12/4….
Foundation Not required